Funding Opportunities

SYNERGY provides funding through its Translational Pilot Program and also guides investigators to funding opportunities administered by other means at Dartmouth.

SYNERGY Translational Pilot Grants

The SYNERGY Translational Pilot Program facilitates collaborative translational research studies across Dartmouth and affiliated health centers and communities. Pilot funding is intended to stimulate translational innovation, with a positive impact upon our overall clinical and translational research enterprise.

The Translational Pilot Program systematically identifies, reviews, and selects novel multi- and interdisciplinary research concepts that have maximal potential for translation into patient care and population health. Periodically, SYNERGY releases requests for applications for translational research pilot funding.

Dartmouth Office of Sponsored Projects

The Dartmouth Office of Sponsored Projects serves as a central resource to support the research enterprise at Dartmouth by providing guidance and stewardship for the research community and the College.

Funded Awards

Since 2008 the SYNERGY Translational Pilot Program has funded 36 projects, with an overall funding rate of 1 in 5. The RFAs have been designed to promote translational research activity in specific areas, including community partnerships, comparative effectiveness research, and novel methodologies.

Other Institutional Pilot Funding Opportunities