Community and Research Partners

Center for Technology and Behavioral Health
Dartmouth's NIH-funded Center for Technology and Behavioral Health brings together a multidisciplinary group of national experts to develop and deploy electronic tools and methods that can enhance community-based translational research.  
Dartmouth Centers for Health and Aging
The Center aims to improve the quality of life for northern New England's more than 350,000 elderly, by fostering research, education and interdisciplinary collaboration. Ultimately it seeks to change health care practice and policy to promote integrated and coordinated care, and mental and physical health promotion and self-management.  
Dartmouth CO-OP Project
The goals of the Dartmouth Primary Care Research Network (the Dartmouth CO-OP) are to provide professional stimulation and collegial interaction among physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, to conduct cooperative research in primary care, improve the primary care services, to improve office management technique, and to sponsor continuing education.