Center for Translational Population Research


Anna Tosteson, ScD
Elliott Fisher, MD, MPH


Resources and Services

Atlas Rate Generator

The Atlas Rate Generator (ARG) allows investigators the ability to obtain preliminary analyses through simplified, cost-efficient and timely access to Dartmouth data infrastructure. This knowledge resource benefits faculty researchers needing pilot data to test and develop preliminary hypotheses, emerging scholars preparing early career grant applications, learners interested in gaining skills in claims research, and journalists seeking to augment their health systems reporting.

Claims Research Consultation

To address the needs and enhance the productivity of clinical and translational science investigators, our Center provides multiple levels of research consultation. Our consultants provide research assistance on using the extensive Medicare database and developing an analytic memorandum that effectively describes the project aims and specifies needed data. This service also connects investigators to guidance from our network of experts for the development of comparative effectiveness studies using Medicare data and linked data.

Reverse Translation

This project seeks to bring together a diverse community of clinical and basic science investigators to formulate and address critical questions about the effectiveness of clinical treatments and health care systems by using population data on patient outcomes to inform clinical science.


The Center for Translational Population Research removes barriers to discovery by making Medicare data sources available, creating novel links between Medicare data and other data sources, and offering consultation with our claims data experts. CTPR leverages Dartmouth’s comprehensive data resources and interdisciplinary expertise here at Dartmouth to make knowledge available and to develop the practice of claims research and reverse translational investigation across the CTSA network.