Spring 2019 workshops for i2b2, REDCap announced

Spring Workshop Series by SYNERGY

This spring, SYNERGY will be running a series of workshops for two informatic tools, REDCap and i2b2.

REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and data.
i2b2 is a patient cohort discovery tool. Are there enough eligible patients to support my study? How many patients are taking a certain medication? For how long? Find out using Dartmouth i2b2.

Each workshop includes a light breakfast.

Learn more and register at https://is.gd/Information_Request
Or email at informatics@synergy.dartmouth.edu

=== Spring 2019 i2b2/REDCap Workshop Schedule ===

March 22 - 9am-10am - Auditorium H
i2b2 Overview
* basic introduction, sample queries, how to get an account

April 5th - 9am-10am - Auditorium F
REDCap Overview
* introduction to REDCap, short demo, how to get a REDCap account

April 26 - 9am-10am - Auditorium A-B
i2b2 101
* learn basic queries, subject concepts, and how to request new concepts

May 3rd - 9am-10am - Auditorium C-D
REDCap 101
* learn to administer and design surveys (anonymous vs. identifiable participants, scheduling survey, etc.)

May 10 - 9am-10am - Auditorium G
i2b2 Next Level Queries
* learn advanced i2b2 techniques, such as temporal queries, meds, and labs (query by lab test values), etc.

May 17 - 9am-10am - Auditorium C-D
* gain access to longitudinal clinical data and state-of-the-art analytics

May 31st - 9am-10am - Auditorium C-D
REDCap Advanced Topics
* learn advanced REDCap techniques such as managing user roles/access, survey validation, etc.