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Search and browse a collection of over 1,900 faculty, 2,700 academic articles, and 1,100 grants at Dartmouth. Discover researchers who complement your research interests. View faculty backgrounds and publications, and maintain your own profile so that researchers can discover you and your work.

Atlas Rate Generator

SYNERGY's Center for Translational Population Research (CTPR) and The Dartmouth Institute (TDI) have developed a new resource for claims data research: the Atlas Rate Generator (ARG). The ARG allows investigators to obtain cross-sectional rates of Medicare data efficiently, rapidly, and at a low cost.


Discover patient cohorts for your research within Dartmouth's Tumor Registry data.

Widely adopted all over the world as a standard healthcare informatics tool, i2b2 is installed in more than 100 CTSA, academic research, and industry settings internationally, and is now available at Dartmouth.


Collect and manage research data securely through easy project creation and simple data entry, online survey and data export features.

SYNERGY Announces Advanced Certificate in Clinical and Translational Research

Applications are open now for this new educational opportunity, commencing in September 2016, that builds research focus among learners from diverse disciplines by developing the core competencies required to achieve successful careers in clinical and translational research. Read more at:

NCATS announces funding for Pre-clinical Research Based on Existing Repurposing Tools

The NIH - National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) announces the availability of funding for Pre-clinical Research Based on Existing Repurposing Tools (R21) - RFA-TR-16-001. This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) will support rigorous, pre-clinical studies that establish the rationale for a clinical trial, where the hypothesis originates from use of a published or publicly available method for identifying new indications for existing drugs or biologics (therapeutics). Due Date: LOI due December 13, 2015 Amount of Funding: $400,000 over two years.


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