Recruitment and Retention Core

SYNERGY Administration Contact

Laurie Lester, PhD - Director, SYNERGY Clinical Research Operations
Tel. 603-650-1873

Recruitment and Retention Resources for Clinical Investigators


One of the predictors of a successful clinical research study is a well-developed plan for recruitment and retention. This plan should ideally begin during protocol development, and prior to your IRB submission.

Many clinical studies do not reach their recruitment goals, or may struggle to retain participants for the entire life cycle of the project. To assist with this challenge, SYNERGY has initiated a recruitment and retention consultation service to help our investigators achieve success. The Recruitment and Retention Core (RCC) helps investigators make their studies visible across Dartmouth and to the public to increase awareness of clinical study opportunities. We will continue to develop capacity for recruitment and retention assistance, utilizing local and cross-consortium resources and tools as they emerge.


  • Provides assistance with recruitment and retention plans to meet accrual needs and retain research participants
  • Facilitates access to Dartmouth resources to foster recruitment and retention-e.g., advertising and marketing, translation services for brochures and flyers, transportation, child care assistance and other community resources necessary for a successful clinical study
  • Consults with Dartmouth investigators seeking long-distance recruitment and retention solutions when serving as a coordinating center for a multi-site clinical study

Specific Consultation Topics

Specific Consultation Topics Include:

(1) Initial Feasibility Review and Overview of Available Tools and Resources:

  • Dartmouth Referrals
    • Facilitate access to aggregate data within electronic medical record system (eDH) through trusted broker for feasibility review
    • Provide link to SYNERGY Community Coordinator for advice regarding engagement of community providers and community representatives

  • Research Match (RM) – a CTSA-supported centralized web portal to connect willing volunteers to researchers who are searching for appropriate participants who have interest in research studies.

  • TrialSpark- an independent, external service for large-scale clinical trial recruitment. TrialSpark uses data analytics, machine-learning and social media to drive the particular demographics needed to streamline the recruitment, prescreening, and scheduling process.