Dartmouth Health Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) & Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Who We Are

The Dartmouth Health (DH) Human Research Protection Program (HRPP), which includes the DH Institutional Review Board (IRB) and IRB administrative office, aims to promote a culture of compliance and to establish across the Institution the highest expectations for performance and oversight of research involving human subjects. The DH HRPP is committed to the education of the DH research community and outreach to collaborating institutions.


The DH HRPP includes the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Clinics (a sub-set of the “Dartmouth Health” enterprise). The IRBs of record for the DH HRPP are referred to as the DH IRBs. There are three DH IRBs that provide review for all research conducted by DH affiliates.

The DH IRB Office

The DH IRB administrative office is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations and support of the DH HRPP and the DH IRBs. The DH IRB office staff perform a variety of functions in addition to supporting the DH HRPP and the DHs IRB such as providing IRB determinations, reviewing studies on behalf of the DH IRBs, assisting researchers with IRB related questions, and providing training and outreach to the DH HRPP community.