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SYNERGY 2016 Community Engagement Pilot Grant Program - Letter of Intent deadline: February 29, 2016

The SYNERGY Community Engagement Pilot Program facilitates collaborative translational research studies across Dartmouth and affiliated health centers and communities. Pilot funding is intended to stimulate translational innovation, with a positive impact upon our overall clinical and translational research enterprise.


Dartmouth SYNERGY Offers a Big Boost to Clinical Research

“We all need somebody to lean on,” wrote singer-songwriter Bill Withers in 1972. His wise advice is especially appropriate for scientists on the long, tricky road of translational and clinical research. The team of people behind Dartmouth SYNERGY, the Dartmouth Clinical and Translational Science Institute, are providing that kind of support for junior biomedical scientists committed to improving patients’ health. SYNERGY helps junior researchers take their biomedical research findings and leverage them into new treatments for patients through a huge range of research tools and clinical research support.

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