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The SYNERGY Research Service page is organized into various Cores and Resources which will provide education and expertise to support a wide range of clinical and translational research. A listing of a Core’s capabilities, contact information, and website address can be found by clicking on the ‘Learn More’ button.

Regulatory Reviews

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Grant GPS

Office of Research Operations

Clinical Trials Office (CTO)

eReg Resources

OnCore Resources

Core Resources

Data and Informatics – Dartmouth SYNERGY

Data Management and Security – The Dartmouth Institute

Center for Design and Program Evaluation

Center for Quantitative Biology Data Analytic Core

Biostatistics/Analytics Service Center

Biostatistics – Department of Biomedical Data Science

The Division of Biostatistics is committed to developing an internationally recognized research and educational program in biostatistics that fully supports the increasing scope and diversity of biomedical research, complexity of data sources and research designs, and continuing evolution of educational technologies.


Biorepository & Biospecimen Resource Facility – Center for Molecular Epidemiology

The Biorepository Core serves as a resource to process, track, store, retrieve, and prepare biological samples. Critical to successful molecular epidemiologic research are high-quality, accessible human biological samples.

Genomics/ Sequencing Core

Genomics Shared Resource

The mission of the Genomics Shared Resource is to provide Cancer Center and Dartmouth College researchers with access to cutting-edge genomics technologies and expertise.

Imaging Core/Advanced Imaging Center

Molecular Interactions & Imaging Core (MIIC) – Institute for Biomolecular Targeting

The Molecular Interactions and Imaging Core (MIIC) enables research projects by offering support on numerous methodologies to characterize biomolecular interactions.

Animal Facilities

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Animal Welfare (IACUC) – New Hampshire INBRE (
Center for Comparative Medicine and Research (

Student Resources

Student Research Resources